CRIWARE テクニカルサポート

CRIWARE Technical Support

This website provides users with technical support of the products by offering the support menu, including the downloading of the latest SDK and technical information.

To download the CRIWARE SDK, user credentials are required. If not registered yet, please fill out the Inquiry Form.

SDK Version List

The latest version of CRIWARE SDK is as follows:

Product Platform Version Date
Unity Plug-in PC SDK Ver.3.10.00 2024-03-21
PlayStation5 SDK Ver.3.10.00 2024-03-21
PlayStation4 SDK Ver.3.10.00 2024-03-21
Xbox Series X|S SDK Ver.3.10.00 2024-03-21
Nintendo Switch SDK Ver.3.10.00 2024-03-21
Web SDK Ver.3.10.00 2024-03-21
Unreal Engine PC SDK Ver.2.02.00 2024-04-10
PC SDK Ver. 2024-04-10
PlayStation5 SDK Ver.2.02.00 2024-04-10
PlayStation5 SDK Ver. 2024-04-10
PlayStation4 SDK Ver.2.02.00 2024-04-10
PlayStation4 SDK Ver. 2024-04-10
Xbox Series X|S SDK Ver.2.02.00 2024-04-10
Xbox Series X|S SDK Ver. 2024-04-10
Nintendo Switch SDK Ver.2.02.00 2024-04-10
Nintendo Switch SDK Ver. 2024-04-10
Cocos2d-x PC SDK Ver.2.18 2020-01-31
CRIWARE PC SDK Ver.2.24.01 2022-12-05
PlayStation4 SDK Ver.2.24.01 2022-12-05
Nintendo Switch SDK Ver.2.24.01 2022-12-05
Android SDK Ver.2.24.01 2022-12-05
iOS SDK Ver.2.24.01 2022-12-05
Web SDK Ver.2.22.03 2021-12-17
ADX LipSync Tools PC SDK Ver.1.01.00 2020-01-17
CRI Movie PlayStation5 SDK Ver.4.13.18 2021-06-16
Xbox Series X|S SDK Ver.4.13.18 2021-06-16
PlayStation4 SDK Ver.4.13.00 2021-06-16
Xbox One SDK Ver.4.13.00 2021-06-16
Nintendo Switch SDK Ver.4.13.01 2021-07-16
PC SDK Ver.4.13.01 2021-07-16
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